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Halloween FUN FEST!!

It’s going to be a spooky night on Halloween in Salida, CO this year. People aimlessly wandering the streets in what we only hope are costumes. Some ask strangers for candy while others will be searching out a more exotic form of entertainment. What kind of exotic entertainment could possibly be happening in Salida that night, you may say?! Well look no further than your boys CORAL THIEF!

We will be rockin’ Salida all night long on Halloween starting at 9:30PM. Did we mention it’s a costume party?! That’s right kids, dress up wild, crazy, stupid…whatever floats your boat because you then will be eligible to win a $100 cash prize for the best costume! Free money? Free show? Why are you not already RSVP’d to our Facebook event? Well you can do so right here,

There are rumors of some famous dead celebrities making an appearance at this show too so I would maybe swing by to see who they are. One of them may even be a musician…but we’ll never tell.


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